Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

  1. Food diary – try and do at least 5 days and include the weekend. If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with what you are eating then list those as well. Remember the more accurate you are the better it will be for Jo to analyse and design the optimum program for you.

    Click here to download a PDF copy of the Food Diary

  2. Your latest blood test results (if done within the last month). However, as part of your initial consultation and my assessment of you I will give you a nutritional biomarker request for your GP as to which tests I want you to have.

  3. List of any medications and supplements you are on (regularly) and what dose you are taking of each.

  4. Bring along a few recent food shopping receipts to help you remember what's in your pantry!

  5. Take a picture of a days food and drink intake - it can be quite interesting.

  6. Bring along any paperwork from your GP (if you have any) such as Chronic Disease Management Plan

How many sessions so I need to attend?

Depending on your requirements you will get the best out of at least 3 consultations, see options in the Revitalise Shop

What can I expect to happen during my visits with the dietitian?

The initial consultation is a fact finding mission for both you and Jo!

She will need to do an initial physical assessment that will include height, weight, waist and hip measurements – all of which only mean you taking off your shoes!

A full and detailed medical, social and diet history will be discussed as well as your goals for the initial session, monthly and if appropriate yearly goals.

How do I pay and can I claim back?

Payment is done on the day at the end of the session ($195 for the initial consultation and $85 for follow up appointments) and can be done via credit card (visa or MasterCard).

Rebates are available via your private health fund (if applicable) or from Medicare if you are under a Chronic Disease Management plan.

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