Personalised Blood Profile Based Nutrition

The future of personalised nutrition based on your unique blood profile

Initial Assessment

Collection of information, food diary, medical and family history, genetic component, nutritional biomarker request (blood test) and anthropometric measurements all form part of your initial assessment. This will enable me to tailor recommendations to your background, lifestyle and food preferences.

Nutritional biomarker analysis and explanation

Learn how each biomarker is affecting your health and pinpoint previously undetected areas for improvement. Get scientific, evidence based, advice on how to improve your health and performance. For more information on laboratories, how they test and what the tests mean check out this excellent site

Comprehensive nutritional analysis

Find out what your current diet is lacking in, if there are any chronic deficiences and what new foods you need to add in or have more of to improve your body both inside and out. If appropriate supplements may be advised to compliment your dietary intake and improve your overall health, performance and wellbeing.

Individual nutrition plan

By putting together all the information gathered I can help you change your dietary intake to optimise your biomarker levels, reduce inflammation and intolerances and meet your recommended daily intakes and ideal body weight.

Goal setting and health tracker options

We will work on achievable goals and motivational techniques for your nutrition, exercise and mindfulness program, and show you how you can track your progress to measure the effectiveness of your actions.

“Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction”

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