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Portion Plate

Portion Plate

Control your portions without calorie counting.

Your personal portion control plate takes all the pain out of eating correct portions and not over-doing it!

Price: $30.00
Kickstart or Revitalise and Go Plan

Kickstart or Revitalise and Go Plan

Make the commitment today to optimise your health, enhance your energy levels and be the best of you! Whether its an initial nutritional consultation with Jo to see where you are at, the extended Kickstart Plan or the ultimate Revitalise and Go Plan book in today and start your life now!

Kickstart Plan

Special price of $295 save $20

What you get:

  • Initial nutritional assessement and dietary analysis
  • 2 x follow up personal appointments
  • Specific customised consultations tailored to your needs
  • Dietary management, weight loss strategies (if appropriate) and goal setting session
  • Nutritional biomarker analysis and tests explained with key nutrients identified to improve your health
  • Understanding food panels – sorting fact out from fad - helping you make shopping easier!
  • Optimising your metabolism, health outcomes and wellbeing for life
  • Option of joining special programs including the 5 & 2 package with yoga and juices
  • Setting life goals and using health trackers to help you see your success!
Price: $295.00
Revitalise and Go Plan

Revitalise and Go Plan

Special price of $495 save $45

What you get:

  • The Kickstart Plan PLUS
  • Additional 3 x follow up sessions (total of 6 personal nutritional consultations)- ideally weekly or fortnightly to maximise success
  • Option to meet at local boutique supermarket for tour and better understanding of key foods to choose, options available, marketing tricks and foods to avoid!
  • Have your fridge and pantry contents assessed in an optional home visit (conditions apply)
  • Developing mindfulness and motivation to optimise your success and drive your life in the direction you dream of
  • Reveiw of your favourite recipes, do they have the best ingredients? Learn how to improve them and optimise your nutritional status
  • Maintenance planning - how to continue with your new life, follow your dreams and meet your goals.
Price: $495.00

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